Get started using our products in 4 steps

You can browse our products and documentation without registering an account, but when you want to create an App you will need to register an account.

Sign up

To be able to create an app, you would need to register an account first. Simply follow the registration process and you’ll be good to go.

Steps involved
  1. Complete the registration steps
  2. Verify your email address
Get started

Browse our products

MTN is consistently developing new APIs for developers and businesses to create powerful products. After signing in, you can explore the list of available products and familiarise yourself with the documentation and endpoints to determine if they would be a match for your next app.

Steps involved
  1. Explore available products
  2. Review the documentation and endpoints
Browse products

Register an app

Now that you’re more familiar with our products, you can proceed to registering your app. Simply click on “Build app” and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the app registration.

Steps involved
  1. Supply your app details
  2. Select the regions for your app
  3. Enable the available products for your app
Create app

Access the keys

Once your app has been approved, you can access all your app’s details such as consumer/secret keys and more from your app dashboard.

Steps involved
  1. Access your app dashboard under your profile
  2. Review your app details under the “Approved apps” section