Getting Started

You can browse API’s and documentation without registering an account, but when you want to register an App you will need to create an account.

Get started using the APIs in 4 steps:
Sign in / Register

Register your account if you want to register an App

  • Go to Register
  • Fill in your personal details
  • Add a password
  • Agree to the T&C’s
  • You’re in
  • Sign in to register an App
  • Go to Sign Up
  • Add your username and password
  • Login
Sign in / Register
Browse APIs

MTN is consistently developing new APIs for developers and businesses to create powerful products. Follow the steps to browse APIs

  • Navigate to Products
  • Browse API’s
  • Select an API Product that interests you
  • Read the documentation on the page
  • Review the endpoints
Browse APIs
Register an app

When you have chosen the API you want to use to build your app, you need to register your app. Follow the steps below:

  • Go to Profile
  • Click ‘Add a new app’ on the button as seen below​
  • Fill in your App name, and optionally the Callback URL, and a description of your app
  • Choose which APIs you require for your product
  • Submit your request
  • Await the approvals
Sign in / Register
Access the API Keys

Once your App submission is approved you can now use Consumer/API Key and Secret on your profile page.

  • For APIs that require API Key, use the Consumer Key as the x-api-key header
  • For APIs that require OAuth, copy the key and secret and use them to generate an OAuth 2.0 access token, which is required to access MTN APIs. Information on our OAuth flow can be accessed on the OAuth page
Browse APIs